Higher Education

Applications for higher education assistance grants from Troy First United Methodist Church for the upcoming academic school year are currently available in the church office, or online via the church website. Deadline for Completed Applications is Sunday, April 8th. Completed Applications must be submitted to the church office. It is the best intention of the HEAC to award these grants as soon as possible, however, it could take up to 45 days, or more, after receipt of the application due date. Questions may be addressed to the church office at 335-2826.*****Many colleges & universities (especially Methodist schools) will MATCH the amount of a grant that students receives from their church. Please contact your college or university to see if you can receive this benefit. *****

All Applications are due by Sunday, April 8th.

Note:  This application contains forms for both first time applicants and 'returning' applicants.  Fill out only the appropriate form.  Also  no community service letter is needed for returning applicants, no 2.5 GPA is required for High School students, and transcripts can be copies.